Dussack, synthetic

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Flexible, strong synthetic dussack.

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Synthetic dussack is the modern interpretation of training weapon which used to be made of wood or sometimes leather. Dussack was used by training groups across many centuries as a simulator of short, single-edged weapons. This product, thanks to being made of polyamide, is very durable and safe to use.

Properly matched material and shape let us achieve the following characteristics:
– high resistance to hits
– elasticity of this weapon makes dussacks’ thrusts safe
– the simulator, after the parry with the use of “strong part”, does not fall into strong vibrations and that is why the effective response is possible
– thanks to balance “to handle”, the simulator allows quick and dynamic fencing actions.

If you need a resistant dussack for intensive and dynamic trainings, our offer is a perfect response to your needs.

Safety: Because of your safety, we recommend using protectors for groin, quilted fencing jacket , fencing gloves and fencing masks to protect the head (especially eyes) when training with this type of weapon simulator.

Important: To extend the maximum lifespan of the dussack, it is recommended to keep it in a dry room, laying on a flat surface or hanged. High temperature sources, humidity or permanent weight pressure may cause bending of the blade or deformation.

Blade/handle length: ~59cm/~22cm

Total length: 81cm

Blade thickness: 1cm

Weight: 0,6kg


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