Forearm and elbow overlay “Vectir” (SPES)

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Comfortable to use ,covers forearm all around.

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The forearm protectors help to lessen the threat of injury during frequent historical fencing training. Additionally this model has elbow protection. Made of sturdy fabric and super-hard profiled plastic inserts, gives you high level of protection during fight. The elbow protection, an extension of the forearm protector, is specially shaped to provide the most protection for the elbows possible without impeding movement.

Forearm and elbow protector version 2.0, modified in our offer from 01/11/2013:
– achieved better protection thanks to single-element elbow protector made of polypropylene,
– better fitting PP bowl for the elbow; in comparison with the previous version, the elbow element does not stick out from the arm,
– eliminated weak protected place between elbow and forearm – previous version had 1,5cm gap. In version 2.0 elements overlap each other eliminating the gap,
– additional elastic tape on the back of elbow part makes this element stay better in place without moving,
– Velcro tape mounting of forearm part gives you the possibility of adjustment of the whole protector length,
– possibility to detach the elbow part if necessary.

Price for a pair.