Howe de luxe by Pavel Moc

 615,00 VAT included

Topclass sword, light and flexible, functions as feder.
This sword from Pavel Moc is battleready, blunt.

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This sword comes out of our top quality swords. Light and flexible, faster than a heavier sword and far less likely to break. This can be used as a tournament sword, just as feders. Thanks to the two fullers it is very light and just as flexible as a feder, the broad edges give lesser (painfully) impact and make the sword very durable. Additionally swords by Pavel Moc excellence through their beautiful finish.
Current in stock with  very dark brown grip , almost black. A matching sheath is available separately.

Length / width  blade  948 x 50 mm.
Total length                     1254 mm.
weight                 +/-         1810 gr.
Balance              +/-         35 mm. from guard.

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