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Groin overlay, black


Groin Overlay was made to cover vulnerable, sensitive parts of male body.

It’s designed for mens wearing various sizes. It will be useful during both light and heavy HEMA training.

Made of black material, the groin protector is equipped with a rubber belt. There is a pocket on the front for a plastic overlay.

Cotton suspensor, worn over underwear and under the HEMA pants. The insole is adapted to anatomical shapes. The rubber belt of this overlay is made of flexible and stretchable material.

Shape of the plastic insert allows the suspensor to fit well to the body. It doesn’t hinder the movement and does not change position during HEMA training.

  • plastic insert is included in set
  • after removing mentioned insert – you can easily wash this product in washer machine

SIZE: with a larger size, both the circumference and the cup are larger. Usually you can choose based on the size of your normal pants.