Frequently asked questions

Are the products on the website in stock?

If no delivery times are given, products are normally always in stock.

How long does it take to get my order in?

That depends on the day and time of the order. Parcels by post can often still be sent on the day we receive payment or otherwise be shipped the next day (unless we are absent). Parcels through DPD (especially parcels longer than 1 meter): shipment takes place 1 to 6 days after receipt of payment.

When we are absent due to markets, it will take a few days longer.

Please note that bank transfer sometimes needs several days needs to get finished.

Orders within the Netherlands are delivered 1 to 2 business days after shipping.
Orders to Belgium are delivered 2 to 3 business days after shipping.
Orders to other European countries are delivered 3 to 5 working days after shipping.

I ordered something that was not yet in stock. How do I know when the article is in?

Once the item is received by us, you always directly get an email. So you don’t need to email or phone yourself to ask if your order is already there. When you haven’t heard anything yet, then your order is not there yet.

The indicated “expected delivery time” is over but I have not heard anything. Why not?

We also depend on our suppliers. Sometimes they themselves do not have enough products in stock to send it to us. For items tailor-made-it depends on the number of orders that the supplier has, you’re not the only one who wants something! And finally deliveries sometimes stay for a long time at the carrier or customs.

How can I pay an order if I can’t / won’t do this via the website?

Best is bank transfer. You can find our bank details at the bottom of our local shop page.

I want to have more of a product than the website shows as stock. Is that possible?

Often we have more in stock than the website shows. This is to prevent a shop-order to cross a sale in our regular store in Tilburg or during a market. You can send us an email in which you ask whether we have the desired number of the item in stock.

I’m looking for something that is not on your site. Can you get it?

We have many more products in our store than on our site. We can also get a lot of products we do not normally have in stock. Send us an email.

Can I get a discount for a big order?

For orders over 1000 euro’s, we give a discount of 5% and (to a maximum of 30 euros) free transport. Tents are excluded.

Can we get club-discount? 

As 99.95% of our customers are members of a club: no, sorry. You can however get discount for bigger orders (see previous question).

When can I reach you by phone?

Generally we can only be reached by telephone during opening hours. Please always see our local shop page on our website.
An email is generally better and faster.

Do you also have equipment for hire?

Normally, we don’t have goods for hire.