Red Dragon HEMA Dreadnought Sparring Gloves

 189,00 incl. BTW

5-vinger handschoenen voor HEMA


Our new Red Dragon Dreadnought gloves take hand protection to the next level! These highly articulated gloves offer an incredible balance between comfort, protection and dexterity. At only 295g each, they are some of the lightest hard-shell gauntlets on the market. They provide great protection when sparring with a range of different weaponry including sabre, messer and (controlled) longsword. They were developed to be budget friendly and are certainly the most protective 5 finger gloves at this price point.

The modular design makes them easy to repair when required (so put your duct tape away!) and allows for upgradable change parts to be added. These gloves will evolve based on continued and welcome feedback.

Please note: These gloves are not designed or recommended for high intensity longsword sparring or tournaments/competitions.

Weight (Pair): 590g