Forearm and elbow overlay “Vectir” (SPES)

 60,00 incl. BTW

Comfortable to use, covers forearm all around.

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Vectir Forearm and Elbow Overlays were designed and tested together with the polish HEMA training school – “Vectir”.

They will prove themselves during frequent workouts, regardless of their intensity. They are universal, therefore they fit both women and men forearms.

This set consists of two parts: the iconic Vectir forearm overlays and the well-known Shell elbows. They are entirely made of black, resistant materials. They are fastened with Velcro. They are also specially contoured, and the forearm pads additionally cover the hands on each side.

The material from which the Vectir overlays are sewn is durable, so they do not deteriorate too quickly. Shell elbows are made of polypropylene with a thickness of about 3 mm. Both products are connected with each other by a strong, oblong Velcro. You can use them together or separately. Plastic inserts placed inside the Vectirs increase resistance to possible damage.

Forearm and elbow overlays are a great compliment to your HEMA gear. They do not affect mobility during training and are comfortable to use.

  • it is most convenient to wear them on a jacket
  • they fit all jackets available in the SPES offer
  • note – to use Vectir overlays with Shell elbows, you DO NOT NEED additional mountings on your jacket!

The forearm protectors help to lessen the threat of injury during frequent historical fencing training. Additionally this model has elbow protection. Made of sturdy fabric and super-hard profiled plastic inserts, gives you high level of protection during fight. The elbow protection, an extension of the forearm protector, is specially shaped to provide the most protection for the elbows possible without impeding movement.

Price for a pair.