Officer Jacket

 199,00 VAT included

for light historical fencing trainings


The project is based on classic historical fencing outfits. Alfred Hutton, who lived at the turn of XIX and XX century and is one of the HEMA pioneers, was the inspiration for creating this unique jacket.

“Officer” Fencing Jacket is designed for light historical fencing trainings, for a fencer using e.g. sabre, rapier, longsword etc.

The jacket has been made of fabric which has a 350N puncture resistance certificate.

Low weight is the greatest asset of this jacket and it gives you the feeling of airiness as well as the ease of movement.

A breathable padding made of a spacing mesh ensures heat and moisture removal as well as high air permeability what greatly boosts the comfort of use.

Safety level has been increased by the use of wide overlap in front with an additional inner mounting, which prevents sliding.

A double mounting on zipper and snaps, ensures a durable and reliable clasp.

The jacket has a blade catcher which protects your larynx from sharp blades.

The drawstring at the waist level on the back ensures a better fit of the jacket. Arms and shoulders have additional layers of padding for better amortization.

The sleeves are equipped with mountings, which allow you to mount additional elbow protectors.


The jacket is available in three standard colors. For additional cost, it is possible to order this jacket in other colours – according to the colour palette.


Chest girth 84-92cm 92-100cm 100-108cm 108-116cm 116-124cm 124-132cm
Waist girth 72-80cm 80-88cm 88-96cm 96-104cm 104-112cm 112-120cm
Hips girth 88-96cm 96-104cm 104-112cm 112-120cm 120-128cm 128-136cm
Height 164-170cm 170-176cm 176-182cm 182-188cm 188-194cm 194-200cm



If you are interested in buying a jacket for a left-handed person, include such information while placing an order. (No additional cost)

Additional informations

– 350N puncture resistance certificate

– ultra light

– Breathable padding with antimicrobial properties

– blade catcher

– wide overlap in front

– double fastening: zipper + snaps

– Arms and shoulders have additional layers of padding for better amortization

– mountings, which allow you to mount additional elbow protectors.

– adjustable waist girth