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HEMA Plastron Level 2 is a type of plastron with larynx guard, dedicated for HEMA. We recommend it to coaches, beginners, and HEMAists who want to increase the level of their protection. This HEMA chest guard is completely made of materials with 800N puncture resistance, and its inner layer is made of cushioning 3D netting.

The collar has a bladecatcher which stops the blade from getting under fabric. It also has amortization in form of cushioning foam. Larynx guard in this HEMA plastron meets the requirements of larynx protection defined in some tournament rules.

There is also an ECO-leather pocket in the front of this plastron for additional strengthening foam which absorbs hit impact. This solution gives an option of modifying the level of protection in the front part. Regardless the presence of additional covers, this HEMA guard always keeps 800N puncture resistance.

This plastron is fastened on back with 4 buckles. Each belt has a regulation, which makes our HEMA gearadjustable, fitting different users.

HEMA Plastron Level 2 is part of a set including also a HEMA Padded Skirt Level 2. Plastron is recommended especially for long sword duels, when torso is exposed for very strong shoves.

History of a chest protector and its purpose 
Plastron is used as outer torso protector amortizing hits. Its name derives from Old-Italian word piastrone, meaning breastplate. As you may know, it’s a front part of cuirass, protecting a torso of a user. In ancient times cuirass was made of materials like hardened leather. Greeks, but later also Romans, casted cuirasses with image of musculature. In Middle Ages such chest protectors were worn usually on chain armor or as part of plate armor.

Additional informations

– unisize
– made of materials of 800N puncture resistance
– 3D netting cushioning layer
– ECO-leather pocket in front
– removable amortization foams on chest and neck
– adjustable fasteners with buckles
– modifiable level of protection
Weight: 810 g 

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