AP Light HEMA Jacket NG 800N

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A lightweight HEMA jacket based on the AP Light 350N model. The construction of the AP Light NG jacket allows it to be used during both light and heavy HEMA training. It is suitable for people who are just starting their adventure with HEMA and for more experienced ones.

Design of this HEMA equipment is similar to the AP NG 800N, but special mountings for additional overlays are only on elbows. The jacket overlap at the front is finished with a gray tape. There is a strap on the back with the same color. It has so-called double closure – zipper and velcro.

In addition to advantages such as overlap at the front, blade catcher, layers of cushioning, AP Light NG 800N is characterized by lower weight, breathable construction and adjustment in waist area.

This version has enlarged pockets for additional foams at the front, thanks to this, chest and collarbones are covered better.  Foams are included, but you can add extra if you want. Thanks to them, you can modify the endurance of the shoulders, front and sides of the body. The sleeves are equipped with velcro straps, which allows mounting additional overlays on elbows e.g. Shell or PRO.

Fabric used in making AP Light NG has 800N puncture resistance. It’s lining dissipates heat and moisture and has antibacterial properties.

Jacket adapts to the body and does not restrict movement while moving. Additionally, breathable construction increases comfort of wearing.


This product is available in the following colors:
Colors that aren’t in stock can be order via pre-order (delivery time of +/- 1 month, send us an E-mail).


Chest girth (D1) 84-92cm 92-100cm 100-108cm 108-116cm 116-124cm 124-132cm
Waist girth (D5) 72-80cm 80-88cm 88-96cm 96-104cm 104-112cm 112-120cm
Hips girth (D7) 88-96cm 96-104cm 104-112cm 112-120cm 120-128cm 128-136cm
Height (A1) 164-170cm 170-176cm 176-182cm 182-188cm 188-194cm 194-200cm


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