AP Light women’s HEMA jacket NG 800N

 249,00 VAT included

Gambeson for HEMA


Womens light HEMA jacket, based on AP light 350N for ladies. Intended for womens, both beginners and advanced in HEMA techniques. It will work during training with any type of simulator.

Design of womens AP Light NG 800N similar is to it’s man version. The front tab finished is with gray tape just like adjustment tape on the back. Beneath the gray front tab are zipper and velcro straps.

This jacket was made from material with 800N puncture resistance. The AP Light NG 800N jacket collar has a blade catcher. The whole thing is distinguished by a lower weight, breathable construction, adjustable waist and slits at the bottom edge to fit around the hips. The sleeves are equipped with straps that allow you to attach additional elbow overlays, such as Shell or PRO.

This version has enlarged front pockets for better cover of the chest and collarbones. They’re filled with additional foams that can be freely modified. Thanks to this treatment, you can increase level of endurance, and therefore HEMA training, both light and heavy, will be more effective.

  • has pockets on the inside for additional foams (included in the sets)
  • filling – 3D mesh
  • material with 800N puncture resistance
  • adjustable strap on the back