“AP” HEMA Jacket 350N

 199,00 VAT included

Fencing jacket with optimal freedom of movement in the shoulders, good protection at the front because of the overlap, easy and quickly put on and out.
Colour is Black,  for other colours send request


This fencing jacket was designed with the help and suggestions of Axel Pettersson, to serve the needs of the Swedish schools of historical fencing (“Gothenburg Historical Fencing School” in particular). The jacket closes in front (see the picture) with the help of a zipper and velcro. On the front of the collar, there is a broad overlap which closes with velcro. The sleeves are specially designed for better arm movement. Also, there are additional protective layers on the chest, shoulders and elbows. The layers of fabric (from the outside) are: 1 layer of cotton, one protective layer, and 1 layer of lining. The jacket was tested at many seminars as well as one in Helsinki on 9-11.08.2011 lead by Axel Pettersson.

The jacket is made of fabrics which have a 350N puncture resistance certificate.

The jacket is available in three standard colours: black, red and white.
Custom colours are also available for 15€ surcharge which you can choose from our palette of colours. 


This product is available in the following colors: Colors that aren’t in stock can be order via pre-order (delivery time of +/- 1 month, send us an E-mail).


Size S M L XL
Chest girth (D1) 85-100cm 95-115cm 100-120cm 110-130cm
Waist girth (D5) 75-85cm 85-95cm 95-110cm 110-130cm
Hips girth (D7) 89-96cm 97-110cm 182-188cm 119-132cm
Height (A1) 170-176cm 176-182cm 182-188cm 188-194cm


More possibilities to customize your jacket are becoming available. Use histfenc.eu and select custom to view and fill in all options.
Send us your specifics as text or by taking a screenshot of them.

We ask for a down payment of 25% when ordering pre-order products.

If you are interested in buying a jacket for a left-handed person, include such information in “additional information” box while placing an order. (No additional cost)