mouth and teeth guard for HEMA

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Use a mouthguard to make HEMA safer. It can be shaped on your own teeth.

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Indispensable for “rough” wrestling and other combat activities with a chance of impact to the face where you intend wear minimal protection.

Did you know?

A “mouth guard” is not only used to protect the teeth, but is an important element of head protection during activities where a significant impact on the head is possible – such as sparring with staves or polearms for example.

Its use, even with complete head gear such as a mask or helmet, allows you to properly tighten the jaw and to wedge the tongue on the palet and behind the teeth at the moment of impact. This consolidates the muscles, bones, tendons and ligaments of the head and neck, reducing the effects of shock on the skull and neck.

This is why the “mouth guard” is worn by American football players under their helmets with grilled visor.


Just immerse the mouthguards in hot water and wait for it to soften, put it in your mouth and bite it so that it follows the shape of the mouth and fits around the teeth. It offers better protection than a ready-to-use mouth guard, which does not always adapt well to the shape of your teeth and which can also make breathing difficult.

Follow the instructions carefully so that your protection is adapted.