Unity overlay for fencing mask 800N

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leatherette, 800N

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To meet the expectations of customers, a mask overlay was created, based on Unity PRO solutions, but made of ecological leather and with 800N puncture resistance in the occipital part.

Unity PRO NG 800N can be used by both women and men, regardless of the HEMA mask and its dimensions.

Made of graphite ecological leather. It is fastened at the back with a long belt ended with velcro. The front has an elastic band over the chin of the mask.


Overlay protects the mask against quick wear. In addition to ecological leather, the entire overlay inside has a layer made of cushioning foam. The rear part is additionally covered with a 3D mesh and 800N puncture resistant composite. The whole thing is completed with a layer of durable plastic, bulged in the occipital and perforated in the cervical part (second one makes the back of the mask bend and does not interfere during training).

The stabilizing element is a velcro strap handle sewn in at the junction of the occipital with the overlay. It is located on the inside of this HEMA equipment. It provides a more secure attachment of the overlay to the mask. The belt on the back makes it easier to take off, and also holds the whole thing so that it adheres to the back of the head.

Unity PRO NG 800N is made in an innovative way, which makes it the most mobile mask overlay among SPES products.

Additional informations
fits most HEMA masks
visually, it matches perfectly the HEMA jackets with gray accents available in our store, e.g. AP PRO NG 800N, Hussar NG 800N or AP NG 800N
NOTE – Mask not included.