“Hussar” Fencing Pants 800N

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Extra protection, see long description



For the most demanding ones, the “Hussar” Fencing Pants 800N is created, which protect well from the hits. They are made of high tear proof resistant fabric. The pants are made of fabrics which have 800N puncture resistance certificate. Thanks to the use of modern materials and innovative solutions they assure a high level of leg protection during training. An innovative filling system with high shock-absorption features and breathable lining with anti-bacterial aperture ensures heat and moisture transfer and high comfort of use and maintenance (washing and drying). “Hussar” Fencing Pants 800N have reinforcements (foam on hips, modern filling system and quilting on knees), which ensure very good protection from hits.
A loose cut of the pants guarantees freedom of movement. Possibility of removing foam and attaching plastic knee protectors allows to adjust the level of protection to training intensity. The pants can be perfectly fitted thanks to suspenders adjustment as well as waist girth adjustment. Finished with grey binding on the edges gives these pants a distinctive, aesthetic look making it an ideal pair with “Hussar” Fencing Jacket 800N, considering the looks as well as level of protection.Main features:
– applied fabric has 800N puncture resistance certificate
– durable outer fabric. Its features are appreciated by many armies in the world
– possibilities of replacing, removing or cutting out foam inserts (depending on personal preferences and training intensity)
– possibilities of mounting plastic knee protectors
– transfers heat and moisture outside
– possibility of adjusting or removing suspenders
– adjustable belt
– comfortable, loose cut
– aesthetic looks
– back pocket
– it perfectly matches “Hussar” Fencing Jacket 800N with protection level and style
– suitable for machine-washStandard sizes table: (+/- 1cm)


Size S M L XL
Waist girth (9) 84-88cm 88-92cm 92-100cm 100-108cm
Hips girth (10) 104cm 108cm 112cm 117cm
Total lenght (11) 73cm 75cm 75cm 77cm
Thigh girth (12) 67cm 70cm 73cm 76cm


Attention!  When choosing a mini custom, you are allowed to modify some measurements of pants(waist girth, thigh girth, hips girth, pants length) by 2/4/6 cm. Please put your modifications of sizes as well as the standard size into the additional information box.

Sizing: (see picture below)

Please specify necessary measurements for Custom size when ordering.