Red dragon sparring gloves

 89,00 incl. BTW

Good sparring gloves in this price range.


Red Dragon Weapon Sparring Gloves are at the forefront of affordable hand protection for weapons based martial arts. They were developed in conjunction with the HEMA community and contain many features only seen on gloves retailing at more than twice the price. The overlapping plastic finger plates ensure that the chance of a weapon making contact with your fingers is kept to a minimum, whilst providing maximum mobility. The combination of plastic protective plates and high impact shock absorbing foam provide a high level of protection from many types of blunt weapons typically used by martial artists. The tough microfiber outer material provides long lasting protection and a level of durability not seen in traditional synthetic leather coverings. The gloves were developed for protection against synthetic sparring weapons but are used by many for sparring with (blunt) steel weapons as well. They are without doubt the best sparring gloves in this price range by far. Of course gloves in higher price range offer also higher protection.
Fingertip protectors recommended.

Please note that these gloves are designed for sparing with synthetic swords. Whilst most people deem them durable enough for steel sparring, the gloves will deteriorate at a faster rate as a consequence.

Sizes M (12″) and L (13″) :