The Art of the Smallsword

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Girard’s smallsword manual and more.



The smallsword developed from the rapier as a distinctly French weapon comprising a lighter, shorter and more agile blade than the rapier with comparatively simple hilt. The smallsword did not require the elaborate lunges and large body actions of the Italian schools of fence and so a French method of fencing developed to suit; relying on an upright stance, dextrous use of the fingers to manipulate the point and emphasis given to multiple intent actions like the feint or parry-riposte to decrease the risk inherent in stop-thrusts, single-time defences and other actions which increased the chance of a double hit. This book provides access to the comprehensive original material in Girard’s smallsword manual, a solid yet diverse representation of the “Common” smallsword method of the era and its use in a range of settings and also provides insight and ideas as to how to put these words into practice with articles and essays for the interest of historical fencers, re-enactors and historians alike.

Format: Paperback, 207 pages, 23.4 x 15.6cm, B&W
Authors: P.J.F Girard, Kévin Côté, P Crawley