SPADA: An Anthology of Swordsmanship

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anthology of articles

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SPADA: An Anthology of Swordsmanship in Memory of Ewart Oakeshott.

The project of the Swordplay Symposium International (SSI), this long-anticipated anthology of articles captures not only the cutting edge of scholarship relating to study of historical fighting trea-tises and techniques, but also stands as a paean to one of the sword communities greatest lights, Ewart Oakeshott. Over a lifetime, Ewart Oakeshott not only earned unparalleled resepct for his knowledge of medieval swords, but also earned renown by his openess and enthusiasm, chivalric qualities that set an example for others to follow. The author of the most important books on sword history, including The Archaeology of Weapons and Records of the Medieval Sword are timeless standard reference works. Containing Ewart’s last article, Studying Arms within the Circumference of History, SPADA is sure to become an instant resouce. Alongside Ewart, notable luminaries in the historical swordsmanship community record the current state of scholarship relating to the fantastic yet cryptic historical treatises.