Training sword with crossguard long

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Soft weapon for safe fencing /HEMA, 120cm

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Two-handed sword. Blade made of soft, elastic components, gives you full safety during trainings. Outer fabric guarantees long life of product and high resistance for any damage of blade. Blade has an additional core hardening.
Plastic hilt is covered with rubber for stronger and stable grip. Cross guard is made of plastic, 21cm long, to protect hands against injuries.
Simulator of the white weapon, designed for thrusting practice, or for light training in pairs without heavy strength involved. It is not intended to use this weapon to hit any hard, metal or sharp items, also to another simulator of the same type. Using too much strength while fighing with two simulators, to hit one on another may cause damage of them.
Straight blade with circular section.
Safety: For safety reason we suggest to use groin protectors and masks for face protection (especially eyes) during the training with this type of weapon.
Important: This type of weapon is designed for light training without use of heavy protection gear. Hits on hard elements, for example wooden shields, or metal masks without soft overlays may cause damage of weapon.

Weight: 840 g.
Blade length: 84 cm
Total length:  120 cm