“Trinity” LEATHER Mask Overlay

 120,00 VAT included

Made of leather which increases the level of protection of the overlay.


“Trinity” Integrated Mask Overlay is a technologically advanced product. The front and sides of the mask refer to hoods used in medieval times. It is the only overlay that is commercially produced which protects larynx, shoulders and occipital bone. It fits most of commonly used masks. A significant element of this overlay is plastic insertion to protect the larynx from painful thrusts. Additionally, the overlay has shoulder protection and a movable occipital cover which is strengthened with plastic plates. The most important aspect of this overlay is the effective neck protection. This model is made of leather which increases the level of protection of the overlay.

Mask not included.

Do you have our mask or you order our mask choose M with mask M (1) ,and choose L with mask M/L (1+) , and choose XL with mask L (2) .
When you have mask S , then send us a request .

Does NOT fit on a warrior hood, only HEMA back or the head protector for warrior mask fits on that.

Sizes (based on Leon Paul’s masks)

Size Circumference of the mask
taken just beside the rubber rim (cm)
S 71 cm
M 74 cm
L 77 cm
XL 79 cm


The way of taking the mask circumference measurement for proper overlay size is shown on the picture below. Circumference should be measured just beside the rubber rim.

Mask measurement