Heavy gloves “Red Lobster” V2.0

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New improved version


The Red Lobster NG 800N v2.0 gloves have been developed based on the previous version. We listened to the feedback from our customers and introduced innovative solutions, enhancing the comfort and functionality of this equipment.

These gloves are perfect for both beginners and advanced practitioners, regardless of gender, who want to make their HEMA training with a federschwert, saber, or rapier even more comfortable.

The gloves feature a top covered with black plastic plates and a new 3-element thumb. The cuff is entirely covered with two overlays and enriched with an elastic securing strap. The gloves are fastened with a leather strap. Just like in the previous version, Red Lobster gauntlets have a red lining (from which it derives its name).

This HEMA equipment is made of fabric with a puncture resistance of 800N, placed both on the back of the hand and in the cuffs. These gloves cover all fingers along with the thumbs. The palm of the hand is made of black synthetic leather. Additionally, the top of the hand and fingers are covered by overlapping plastic elements made of polypropylene. The cuffs of the new version of the gloves have been optimized for mobility. The plastic segments on both the hand and cuff are connected with improved, abrasion-resistant elastic cords.

Red Lobster NG 800N v2.0 gauntlets provide comfort and freedom of wrist movement during HEMA training. The leather interior of the hand allows for a secure grip during exercises with the simulator.

Size chart:

Palm girth (A) Wrist to end of middle finger (B Wrist to end of thumb (E6)
XS ~22cm ~18cm ~13cm
S ~23cm ~19cm ~14cm
M/L ~24cm ~20cm ~15cm
XL ~26cm ~21cm ~16cm