Forearm overlay GEKO (SPES)

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Synthetic leather

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Made from ecological leather, “Geko” Forearm Protectors PRO, decrease the chances of getting injured during historical fencing trainings. They are very durable and specially cambered to be as resistant as possible.

Even though these protectors look as if they are made of natural leather, no materials of animal origin have been used in the production. The material is quite easy in cleaning and maintenance.

Rubbers on the protectors ensure the proper setting and fitting to forearms. Thanks to additional adjustable velcros, “Shell” Elbow Protectors can be mounted and fitted with the set.

In comparison with “Vectir” Forearm and Elbow Protectors, PRO covers are a bit shorter and better fitted to the forearm’s shape, which ensure more comfortable usage.

Price per pair.

Additional informations

Size – unisize


shorter side width – ~ 26,5 cm

longer side width – ~ 36 cm

length in the shortest place – ~ 17 cm

length in the longest place – ~ 25 cm

length of a strap around wrist – ~ 45 cm

length of a second strap – ~ 48 cm

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