Anglo-Saxon closure

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6th century

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Anglo-Saxon clothes hook – replica.
This beautiful replica shows an early medieval hook closure for the garment after a 6th century burial find from the Anglo-Saxon settlement of Eriswell in Suffolk.

Such hooks of wire coiled in a spiral shape were widespread among the Anglo-Saxons during the early Middle Ages and were used instead of buttons to close the armholes of women’s clothing.

The beautifully designed Anglo-Saxon hook closure is made of brass.
Size: 3 x 3 cm

The medieval coat hook is very easy to attach – sew it onto the mantle with a few stitches through the openings in the spiral wraps.

This replica of an Anglo-Saxon spiral coat hook is a really practical clasp for historical clothing in the Larp and Middle Ages.

The model for this medieval robe hook is a find from tomb 33 in the Anglo-Saxon settlement of Eriswell / Suffolk, which dates back to the 6th century.
A good overview of early medieval clothing attachments can be found in the publication “Clasps, hectespenner, agraffen” by John Hines.