button “mushroom” bronze

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middle ages

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Replica of a medieval bronze mushroom button.
This elegant mushroom-shaped medieval button is made of bronze as a replica of late medieval models.

The medieval knot is a noble addition to the clothing in an authentic medieval reenactment
With the pre-shaped eye at the bottom, the medieval button can be sewn onto the garment with just a few stitches.

The medieval button has the dimensions: 1.5 x 1.5 cm.

The button came into fashion in Europe quite late and was hardly widespread before the mid-13th century. In the Middle Ages, the knob was often spherical and often made of tin. It was not until the early 14th century that buttons covered with fabric appeared.
Buttons with small eyes were especially popular in the Middle Ages. The shape we know today with two or four holes was hardly common before the 16th century. Unlike today, in the Middle Ages buttons were usually attached directly to the edge of the garment. Then there was an eye on the other side. So there was always a small gap between the two parts of the mantle.