trefoil brooche

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bronze, 4.5cm.

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Trefoil brooche brooch in the style of the Vikings.

The Viking trefoil brooch developed from a Carolingian shape and was widespread throughout the Nordic region.

The template for this Viking jewelry in the Borre style is a find from Smolensk. The original is now in the Moscow Historical Museum.

Dimensions of the trefoil brooch: 4.5 x 4.5 cm.

The Viking trefoil brooch is in bronze.

The  trefoil brooch was worn in the middle of the woman’s robe, often in combination with two turtle or shell brooches on the right and left, or a light cape was closed with it.

The  brooch carries a stable needle on the back, which also makes this brooch suitable for closing strong (bot not too thick) fabrics, such as a cape.

Such brooches are a decorative accessory for the historical clothing of the Viking era.