Fibula Finnland

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Bronze, 6×5.5cm

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Replica of a Viking polyhedral fibula after a find from Finland.

This beautifully crafted replica of a fibula, called a polyhedron fibula, is made after an original find from Finland. 
This replica of a fibula from the Viking era is entirely made by hand. 
Made of solid brass.

Dimensions of the fibula: 6 x 5,5 cm. 

With such a fibula as our Polyhedron-Fibula, the men’s cape was closed on the right shoulder during the Viking Age. 

This ring-fibula type is named after the polygonal, bevelled edges at the ends of the Fibula. It was widespread during the Viking era in the eastern seas between the 9th and 11th centuries. 
Horseshoe fibulae of this type are known from different finds, for example from Papinsaari / Finland, Vindelgransele / Sweden, Haithabu / Germany and Ladoga / Russia.