medieval meatfork, medium

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Dimensions of the medieval meatfork: 26x3cm

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Medieval meatfork, hand forged from iron.
This artistically crafted meat fork is inspired by ones from the middle ages and is fully hand forged from one piece of iron.
This medieval iron fork is elegantly bent and has a beautiful twist in its handle, with the end curled into a spiral.

Forged meat forks have been utilized since the age of the Celts and Romans, and were later used by the Germanic people and Vikings to retrieve meat from a cooking pot. During the middle ages, however, forks were not really used to eat and the Christian church even declared a two-toothed fork a sign of the devil.

This Medieval meat fork has the dimensions: 26 x 3 cm.
Perfect for daily life in LARP, Viking- and Medieval re-enactments, as well as a stylish utensil in current times.

Legislations require food law certification under the Food and Consumer Goods Act (LFBG) for use with food. However, this is very expensive and would have a negative effect on the low selling price. That’s why we offer this forged fork as a prop, which is at least by definition not certified for food.