medieval kettlesaw, standard

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37 x 10 cm, uitgeschoven 57 cm.

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Medieval kettle saw forged from iron.
A hand-forged kettle hook / fire hook like this one was also called hearth hook or chimney hook in the Middle Ages and was still used as a kettle hook until well into the 19th century.

The hand-forged medieval bkettle saw is handmade from iron as medieval models and features nine teeth that control the height of the kettle above the fire.

When cooking on an open fire, such a kettle saw is simply indispensable – that’s why the kettle saw has been part of the kitchen equipment since Roman times and the Middle Ages and is therefore perfect for cooking on an open fire in Larp and medieval reenactments.

The medieval kettle hook has the dimensions: 37 x 10 cm, extended 57 cm. Normally this adjustable height is excellent.

The kettle hook also had a meaning in medieval law: when the landlord sold a house, the kettle hook was removed from the fire and given to the buyer. In some areas, it was customary for the newlyweds to present their bride with a beautifully crafted ketle saw before the wedding, symbolically transferring future responsibility for the kitchen and stove to her. In heraldry, kettle saws are often found on coats of arms and so clearly show the importance of fire and hearth as focal points of medieval life.