The Book of the Buckler

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History, typology, construction of the buckler, finds of the buckler, etc.

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The Sword and Buckler were an ubiquitous duo in the middle ages and the Renaissance.

In spite of being often neglected, the buckler has an interesting story to tell.

This book offers a new and deep insight into this fascinating small shield. Starting with the history of the buckler, this work also covers the typology, the construction as well as the methods of carrying a buckler.

The catalogue of extant original bucklers in the second part of the book is an invaluable resource for the enthusiast as well as the professional.

Herbert Schmidt is an internationally acclaimed expert in sword and buckler fighting and this book represents the results of many years of research on this topic and is so far the only comprehensive work on the medieval and renaissance buckler.

Author: Herbert Schmidt
Format: Paperback, 264 pages, 24.6 x 18.9cm, Full Colour