JUDE LEW – Das Fechtbuch

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complete 15thc. manuscript

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Jude Lew is, like so many medieval fencing masters, a mysterious figure. Nevertheless, five books of the fifteenth and sixteenth century contain his teachings, but only one manuscript from Augsburg is inseparable from his name.

Lews writings are closely related to Johannes Liechtenauer, the fencing master, known by everyone studying medieval martial arts. Liechtenauer’s fencing art is handed down in several strands; Two of which are based on Peter von Danzig and Sigmund Ringeck, and have already been extensively published; Only the tradition of Jude Lew has so far been scarcely appreciated.

For the first time, this volume presents its complete manuscript from the middle of the 15th century. The comparison with the other tradition lines shows the appeal and the importance of this handwriting. This edition highlights the special features of the Jude-Lew Fechtbuch, and it contains not only an annotated transcription, but also transmissions into modern German and English. The volume is rounded off by a detailed codicological description and a glossary.