Norman tent

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PRE-ORDER. Medieval tent, 12th-15th century

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As an indication: Jan. 2022 we had to pay 100 euros for the transport to our store of the largest tent in our range “Round pavillion”

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Medieval tent, suitable for reenactment from the 12th to 15th centuries.

Average delivery time 1 month, home delivery possible.

The construction of the tent is based on 2 vertical poles and a horizontal pole (for easier transport, each pole is made of 2 parts fastened with pins and a rope). No guy ropes are needed to pitch the tent, the construction is held high by the pegs, making it easy to pitch the tent when space is limited. The front part can be raised and used as an awning. This tent can also be used as a small stall. Made of impregnated cotton (340 gr/m2). Dimensions: 6×4 m, height: 235 cm.

The set consists of:
– tent cloth
– 2 x 2-piece pole of 235 cm
– 2 piece horizontal reinforcement pole of 325 cm
– 14 pegs + 2 spare parts
– a bag for pegs
– a bag for the tent
– 21 meters of polypropylene rope that serves as reinforcement of the posts

There is a possibility to exchange the polypropylene rope for one made of hemp. The polypropylene ones are more durable, they relax and stretch less.

a. One extra colour: Tent canvas in colored cotton fabric or in two colours: ecru and one extra colour:  + 117 €
b. Two or more extra colours: Tent cloth made of colored cotton in two or more extra colours: + 137 €
c. Draft flap: extra 20 cm wide strip of fabric attached to the bottom of the tent canvas to protect against wind and moisture: + 70 €
d. Decorative cotton bands: colored decorative bands along the seams. Made of 3 cm wide cotton tape:  + 119 €
For colours: see picture.