Schiavona HEMA sword by Krondak

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sword suitable for HEMA.

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The Schiavona was a Renaissance sword that became popular in Italy in the 16th and 17th centuries. Derived from the 16th-century sword of the Balkan mercenaries who formed the bodyguard of the Doge of Venice, the name arose from the fact that the guard was largely made up of the Schiavoni, Istrian and Dalmatian Slavs. It was widely recognizable by its “cat’s head knob” and distinctive handguard which consisted of many leaf-shaped copper or iron bars attached to the cross-guard and knuckle bow rather than the knob.

This Schiavona sword has a thickened point. The sword is suitable for HEMA.
The blade is medium flexibel

Details of this sword ;
Blade            831 x 33 mm.
Total              1004  mm.
Weigth +/-   1355 gr.
Balance  +/- 65 mm. from guard

there may be slight differences from the photos