rapier R3 by Regenyei

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This rapier is suitable for HEMA thanks to its rolled-up point, and light, flexible blade.

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Length Blade  1052 mm.
Total length     1230 mm.
Weight           +- 1075 gr.
Balance         +-  90 mm. from crossguard

Ligth flexible blade

The rapier is a relatively slim, sharply pointed type of sword that was mainly used in Europe in the 16th and 17th centuries. Rapier and sword were mainly worn and handled by the wealthy bourgeoisie, which gained more and more importance. This bourgeoisie valued elegance rather than efficiency and so the rapier became more and more refined.
This eventually led to the development of the epee, a leaner, lighter version of the rapier.

The development of this weapon began at the end of the 15th century and soon replaced the sword.

The names rapier and epee were often used interchangeably, so it is not really easy to make an actual difference between the two weapons. Later still, a practice and competition version of this weapon category began to be used, namely the foil. Contrary to popular belief, the foil was never a real combat weapon. After all, the name “foil” comes from the flower-shaped ball on the tip of the weapon, which was supposed to prevent injuries.

Rapier and sword fell into disuse at the end of the 18th century due to the emerging saber.

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