rapier Pappenheimer 1630 HEMA by Krondak

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Medium flexible blade, thickened tip.

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The Pappenheim-hilt rapier originated in Germany in 1630 and was popularized by imperial general of the Thirty Years’ War (1618–48) Count Pappenheim.[citation needed] It later became popular throughout Europe due to its two pierced shell guards which provided great protection to the soldier wielding the sword.[citation needed] Rapiers were used throughout Europe by 1500 and this remained until the late 17th century. Rapiers were used on battlefields, however they were associated more with fashion and duelling for example. This is why they are often intricately designed and delicate.

This rapier is left and right handed

Medium flexible blade

Length Blade    884 mm.
Total Length     1094 mm.
Weight          +-  1565 gr.
Balance         +-     55  mm.

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