Rapier cuphilt 2 by Krieger

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Rapier designed for fencing in Historical European Martial Arts. Recommended for both beginners for training and tournament participants.
Light flexible blade

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Rapier, a typical western-European weapon. It came to life in the era of the renaissance as a result of the development of swordsmanship based on thrusting and its name could be roughly translated as „sword-to-suit”, so a sword to be worn daily. It was popular from the 16th to 17th century and it is closely related to the sidesword, “seitenschwert” or “spada da lato”. Rapier is a direct successor of the medieval sword, redesigned for the modern battlefield.

Weapon’s parameters – even during the design phase – were consulted and tested in cooperation with the Polish HEMA Federation – DESW FEDER

Length blade   1106 mm. from guard.
Total length      1259 mm.
Weight    +/-      1022 gr.
Balance   +/-     130  mm. from guard.