Sabel S6 by Krieger

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Saber designed for fencing in the Historical European Martial Arts. Recommended for both beginners for training, and tournament participants
Medium / strong flexible blade

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Krieger sparring sabers are designed and manufactured to meet the requirements of various fencing schools. Krieger’s saber is flexible, lightweight and reflects as much of historical originals as possible. It is a weapon made for intensive and safe training. The low weight makes it a reliable choice for long-term training without the feeling of arm fatigue or technique errors. At the same time, the weight of the Krieger saber is still comparable to the historical weapons designed for war. Compared to saber 4, the blade is slightly less curved, has a fuller and is slightly stiffer for better contact.

Length blade 844 mm.
Totale length  973 mm.
weight+/-  755 gr.
Balance +/- 135 mm. from guard.