Langmesser Günther by Landsknecht Emporium

 487,00 499,00 VAT included

Langmesser excellent for HEMA training, but also Living History.
To train and to spar .


Günther, a wide-bladed Langes Messer based on an amalgam of antique knives and period depictions. This blade form was most popular in the mid-to-late 15th century.

Langmesser with wooden grip.
Strong flexibel blade with thick edge.
Point has been thickened for safer training in HEMA.

Scabbard NOT included. For scabbard see : here
Details messer with beech grip;
Blade            669 x 52 mm.
Total              869 mm.
Weight +/-   908 gr.
Balance  +/-  125 mm. van pareerstang
Details messer with oak grip;
Blade    667 x 52mm.
Total      869 mm.
Weight   +/- 830 gr.
Balance  +/- 135 mm. from guard.

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