Langmesser Gottfried, steel pommel, by Landsknecht Emporium

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Langmesser for HEMA (scabbard not included)
Excellent  for HEMA, but also living History.
For training and sparring


A standard M3C Messer with a clip point, based on an amalgam of antique knives and historical images. This blade shape was most popular in the mid to late 15th century.
Due to the thickened tip of the messer, this messer is safer for HEMA.
This Landsknecht Emporium messer has a medium strong blade, an wooden handle and a steel pommel.
Strong and flexible blade with thick edge.

Details of the Langmesser Gottfried with oak grip :
Blade:      682 x 40 mm.
Total:        842 mm.
Weight:   +/- 815 gr.
Point of balance:   +/- 125 mm. from guard.

Details of the langmesser Gottfried with beech grip :
Blade :     682 x 40 mm.
Total :       844 mm.
Weight:  +/- 790 gr.
balance: +/- 110 mm. from guard

Also in stock with sharp blade , € 457,-  , send request !

A scabbard for this Langmesser is available separately, see “scabbard for Langmesser Gottfried”

This messer comes with a guarantee, according to the conditions of the maker.