Langmesser Gottfried by Landsknecht Emporium

 379,00 390,00 VAT included

Langmesser excellent for HEMA, but also Living History
For training and sparring.


Langmesser with wooden grip.
This messer has a strong and flexible blade with thick edge.
Point of the messer has been thickened for safer training.

Scabbard for the messer is NOT included. For scabbard see : here

This messer comes with a guarantee, according to the conditions of the maker.

Details of messer oak grip:

Blade 680 x 39 mm.
Total   880 mm.
Weight  +- 740 gr.
Balance  +- 115 mm. from guard

Details of messer with walnut grip:
Blade    681 x 40 mm.
Total      880 mm.
Weight  +/-  800 gr.
Balance +/-  120 mm. of crossguard.

Details of messer with beech grip:
Blade              681 x 40 mm.
Total                883 mm.
Weight   +/-   820 gr.
Balance  +/-  115 mm. from crossguard

Also in stock messer with flexible blade and thin cut, beech handle, € 359,-. Send request