Sword bag SPES

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Bag for 2 feders, or 1 feder and 2 one-handed swords.

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Case for a Feder sword, also fitting a sabre, rapier, or one-handed sword. Made of black, waterproof fabric with “SPES Historical Fencing Gear” inscription.
It can take 2 feders, or 1 feder and 2  one-handed swords , depending of kind of weapon.

Feder sword transport

Product was designed for HEMAists who travel a lot to ensure a safe transport of a Feder sword for tournaments, workshops, or trainings. This Feder case has a zipper, profiled grip, and adjustable strip for arm. It can hold a sword of up to 138 cm length, but also a few types of arms of different sizes.

It can be attached to other sword cases and bigger bags thanks to three openings (one in the upper part, two in the lower part), and one fabric hanger on the bottom, near a zipper. Thanks to these parts, it can also be hung.

What is more, our Feder case has a special inside pocket for various items, e.g. accessories for sword maintenance.

Measurements of a Feder sword case:
total length: ~148 cm
blade holding part length: ~110 cm
grip holding part length: ~38 cm
width in the narrower part: ~12 cm
width in the widest part: ~40 cm
size of an inscription: 23×11,5 cm
maximum length of a strip: 117 cm