2,80 VAT included

Not medical, patented barrier material.



With ELASTICS to put behind your ears (instead of straps to tie behind your head as on one of the pictures)

– the mask was made of patented barrier material

– material filtration degree: up to 0,1µm

– highly certified material – “Oeko Tex Standard 100, class I”, “ECARF”

– mask has a tunnel for the wire on the nose so that it can adhere better to the face (the wire is not included)

– made of fast drying material

– the mask has elastics to adjust by yourself – you need to tie a knot at the end (the knot can be hidden in the tunnel)

– aesthetically sewn

– available in two sizes – “S” for people with small faces and children and “L” for people with medium and stout build

Purpose of the mask :

Prevention of droplet infection
Cosmetics industry
Work with dusting substances
Protection against dust mites and allergens
To increase the mask’s effectiveness it is recommended to wear glasses (corrective or protective) that will help the mask adhesion on the nose.

NOTE! The mask should be changed to fresh after a maximum of 4 hours. Store the used mask in a sealed bag, then wash.