Viking belt nr.2010/20

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Viking Belt with chape, 3 cm wide, brown/bronze-coloured

This Viking belt is a beautiful replica modeled on historical examples from the period around A.D. 900.
With its ornate belt buckle and chape in Borre style, as well as the discreet lines embossed on the edges of the strap, the Viking belt confers real authenticity upon its wearer. It is therefore perfectly suited for portraying a Viking at reenactment or LARP events.

The Borre style
… superseded the Oseberg style in the course of the 9th century and prevailed until the middle of the 10th century. The early medieval Borre style, also referred to as the gripping-beast style, is named after the Norwegian locality of Borre on the Oslo Fjord. This style is characterized by representations of animals and knot patterns and was later followed by the Jelling style.

– Material: cowhide
– Length:  165 cm, Circumference: approx. 92-107 cm
– Width: approx. 3 cm
– Thickness: approx. 3 mm
– Colour: brown belt strap, bronze-coloured buckle and belt end