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Sturdy synthetic sickle
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This synthetic sickle was designed to be sturdy enough for hooking the arms, legs or body as depicted in Mair’s compendium yet be flexible enough for safe sparring (with adequate protective gear). It requires no maintenance, though for best results it should be stored out of the sun in a cool, dry place.

The sickle features a 4.25″ (108mm) paracord wrapped handle for a secure and comfortable grip and is 16″ (406mm) overall length with an 16.5″ (420mm) curved blade.

4.25″ (108mm) paracord wrapped handle
16″ (406mm) overall straight length
16.5″ (420mm) curved blade.

The sickle is one of the unconventional weapons detailed in the massive mid 16th century Opus Amplissimum de Arte Athetica compiled by Paulus Hector Mair (1517-1579). Three versions of this multi volume compendium have been preserved: the BSB Cod.icon. 393(1/2) in Latin, Mscr. Dred. C 93/94 in Early New High German and Codex Vindobensis 10825/26 in both Latin and German. Mair lived in Augsburg and was a civil servant and fencing enthusiast, though there is no evidence that he ever certified as a fencing master.


There has been some debate on whether the techniques of the sickle and the other “peasant weapons” depicted in the compendium were based on actual observation of contemporary peasants or speculation by Mair, but in either case the 16 illustrated pages devoted to the sickle depict and describe a variety of attacks and counters that include strikes, parries, hooks, disarms and grapples.

Although Mair believed that fencing in its various forms was instrumental in building character, he apparently didn’t do enough of it to keep him from embezzling money from the Augsburg city coffers so that he could live well beyond his means. He was ultimately hanged as a thief at the age of 62. Don’t make his mistake! Order our sickles and train hard!

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