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Inspired by the Imperial Fleet uniform from one of the most popular movie sagas


This unique jacket was inspired by the Imperial Fleet uniform from one of the most popular movie sagas. With its length and inner design, this model refers to the Attila 350N jacket. More on the process of making our Imperial Jacket for HEMA you will find in our blog.

Imperial Jacket 350N is dedicated for men using various simulators, regardless of training intensity or skills. However, it’s worth remembering about additional overlays for the most intense sparring. The Imperial Jacket 350N stands out with its design. It reaches the upper part of the thighs and has extra slits on the sides. It is fastened with a long belt. The sleeves are equipped with mounting for overlays, PRO. The collar has a bladecatcher, while on the chest you can notice a velcro for additional patch.

Our interpretation of the uniform is sewn from the fabrics of 350N puncture resistance. This model has a double fastening: a zipper and a velcro. The velcro on the chest gives an option of adding various patch, for example with your name, club emblem, flag, or military Imperial rank. 🙂 The sleeves are equipped with mountings, so you can attach to them both Shell and PRO overlays.

Just like Officer 350N and Attila 350N, Imperial Jacket has a lining in the form of a distance mesh. On the front it has a wide flap with a spacious pocket for cushioning foam (attached to the set). There is additional cushioning in the form of a thicker 3D mesh on arms.

This model is one of the longest jackets from our assortment. Side slits ease the movement. In the waist it has a belt with a buckle, which is removable. It refers to the Imperial Fleet, but also helps in fitting the jacket to body shape.

What are the special features of SPES Imperial Jacket 350N?

  • long jacket reaching the crotch side slits
  • wide front flap with additional cushioning
  • pockets for cushioning foams (included in the set)
  • closed with a zipper and a velcro
  • equipped with an additional long, multifunctional belt
  • mounting tape on sleeves for additional overlays, like PR

Lightsaber duels in Jedi style
Have you ever heard about lightsaber duels? Are you aware that Star Wars fans organize tournaments with these arms? Are they similar to HEMA events? Sure they are! It’s because a lot of entrants of lightsaber events also practice HEMA. We can say that the level of professionalism in event organization in both disciplines is similar.

There are several organs responsible for planning and arranging the lightsaber duels in the USA on a very high level. Also, they take care of the quality of used gear. This jacket was designed to fit the regulations of both HEMA and lightsaber tournaments.

Available in sizes XS up to XXL and in a variety in colours.