“AP light” women’s HEMA jacket 350N

 215,00 VAT included

Low weight, breathable


Light HEMA jacket based on the popular “AP” 350N model. Besides the features like an overlap in the front, bladecatcher, or amortisation layer, “AP Light” is characterised by low weight, breathable construction, adjustable waist girth and extra pockets with foams (on shoulders, on front flap, and on sides).

This HEMA jacket is thinner than the regular “AP” but still made from 350N puncture resistance fabric. Its lining allows heat and moisture removal but also has the antibacterial function. On sleeves you can find grips for additional elbow protectors, e.g. “Shell”.

Adjustable strap lets a wearer to fit this HEMA clothing in waist, which makes it more convenient in use. Cuts on back let the lower part of a clothing lay in freely and don’t hinder the movement.

Thanks to extra pockets for foams, the amortisation level of ribs, shoulders and front can be modified in this HEMA clothing. This feature allows using this jacket in light historical fencing trainings, as well as tournament duels. The jacket is available is 3 standard colors: black, red and white. Custom colours are also available for 15€ surcharge which you can choose from our palette of colours (see below).


This product is available in the following colors:
Colors that aren’t in stock can be order via pre-order (delivery time of +/- 1 month, send us an E-mail).


Chest girth (D1) 76-83cm 83-90cm 90-97cm 97-104cm 104-114cm 114-124cm
Waist girth (D5) 60-67cm 67-74cm 74-81cm 81-88cm 88-98cm 98-108cm
Hips girth (D7) 84-91cm 91-98cm 98-105cm 105-112cm 112-120cm 120-128cm
Height (A1) 155-160cm 160-165cm 165-170cm 170-175cm 175-180cm 180-185cm


More possibilities to customize your jacket are becoming available. Use histfenc.eu and select custom to view and fill in all options.
Send us your specifics as text or by taking a screenshot of them.

We ask for a down payment of 25% when ordering pre-order products.

If you are interested in buying a jacket for a left-handed person, include such information in “additional information” box while placing an order. (No additional cost)