locust HEMA pants plus 350N

 115,00 VAT included

Pants for HEMA, 350N puncture resistant


In response to the needs of HEMA trainers, we made the most universal product in the history of this discipline.

Locust pants Plus 350N is made to fit the needs of the male body type. They can be used by both beginners and advanced people. They are suitable for training with any type of simulator.

They reach slightly below the knee and are finished with elastic rubber. They have a high waist and stretchy braces fastened with plastic buckles. At the front, on the knees, there is characteristic quilting on which are mountings for overlays attaching. At the waist, you can find additional side straps, which help in adjusting the pants. On the left side of back there is one pocket for small items.

These pants are made of durable material of 350N puncture resistance. The front of legs is reinforced with quilting. In the lower part of the thigh you can find additional mountings which allow you to mount additional overlays for the knees e.g. Shell. Suspenders allow adjusting length and side stripes – at the waist.

They have three inner pockets on each side: on the hip, inner and outer side of the thigh. Inside of them are light foams which you can easily dismount.

Their cut around the hips is loose – it does not hinder movement. In order to increase freedom of movements, an elastic fabric has been sewn in the crotch.

  • “Locust” pants go well with various types of AP jackets available on our website.
  • foams are included

Waist girth (D5) Hips girth (D7) Height (A1)
XS 72-80cm 88-96cm 164-170cm
S 80-88cm 96-104cm 170-176cm
M 88-96cm 104-112cm 176-182cm
L 96-104cm 112-120cm 182-188cm
XL 104-112cm 120-128cm 188-194cm
XXL 112-120cm 128-136cm 194-200cm