HEMA light pants plus 350N

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Light HEMA pants 350N


Light pants Plus 350N were created in order to offer a product with great possibilities of expanding their cushioning. They were made mainly for lovers of historical wrestling.

This product can be used during light HEMA training, and with addition of proper overlays for calves (f.eg. Vectir or Shell shins) and foams, even for advanced exercises.

Light pants reach just below the knee. The legs are finished with elastic bands. They have adjustable suspenders that can be completely detached. On the back there is a pocket for small items.

They are made from durable 350N puncture resistance fabric. Adjustable suspenders are fastened with plastic snaps. In addition, there are special straps for adjusting the width at the waist.

On the inside, the Light Pants have velcro to attach a complementary foam overlays to improve durability (not included in the set).

Their loose cut allows free movement and comfortable use. The pants can be perfectly adjusted at the waist and their length can be changed using the suspenders. If you need the gear without them – just detach them!

  • they match with the JF 350N jacket
  • cushioning foams are not included with the pants, but can be purchased separately.
  • suspenders can be detached

Waist girth (D5) Hips girth (D7) Height (A1)
XS 72-80cm 88-96cm 164-170cm
S 80-88cm 96-104cm 170-176cm
M 88-96cm 104-112cm 176-182cm
L 96-104cm 112-120cm 182-188cm
XL 104-112cm 120-128cm 188-194cm
XXL 112-120cm 128-136cm 194-200cm