Vytis heavy gorget

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throat protection for HEMA

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The Vytis Heavy Gorget is designed for practitioners who want maximum protection of the neck and larynx.

Based on the Vytis Light Gorget, this version is made with one extra segment, providing extra trust protection from obscure angles and cut protection from the sides. This articulated construction offers a double layer of hard protection, without sacrificing mobility.

Its strap-less design (it “clips” on around the neck) offers maximum comfort and adaptability to different neck sizes. The plastic can be heated in hot water or with a hair dryer and lightly re-moulded for a custom fit.

Adaptable – can be worn under a jacket or on its own.

It can be combined if you want with the clavicle protector or/and nape protector, which are sold separately. See last picture.

3mm ABS
2mm EVA (it is possible to add extra liners for more protection).

  • One size
  • Articulated double layer construction.
  • Hard throat and larynx protection
  • Integrated rigid blade catcher
  • Mobility and comfort
  • Helps to meet competition rules

Produced by VHF (Vytis historical fencing)