Lobster full thumb heavy gloves

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heavy gloves for HEMA



To meet the needs of HEMA contestants, we improved our well-known Lobster Heavy Gloves and prepared a version with a rounded thumb!

They will work well for both women and men during various types of HEMA training, especially during the most intense skirmishes. They are compatible with various types of swords, both long, such as Feder, but also with one or two-handed metal simulators.

Our HEMA gloves are completely black. They cover all fingers, especially the thumb. The inner sides are covered with black leather. The cuff has segments made of black eco-leather. The top of hands, as in other Lobsters, are covered with plastic faulds.
Plastic elements are made of a material with high resistance to cracks. This guarantees increased durability and strength of the gloves. The cuffs, apart from the material, are reinforced with eco-leather segments.
The thumbs of the gloves are covered with plastic, rounded caps. It is the best and most resistant version of the thumb for this type of gloves. This feature provides a firmer grip for any simulator, and the fingers themselves are more mobile.

Lobster gloves are adjustable with black leather straps at the wrists. This increases the fit to the hand and the certainty that they will not move during training.

An innovative way of covering the thumb – a plastic overlay

Why is it worth wearing Lobster gloves during training?

Remember that the choice of gloves is very important, if not the most important decision to make before starting your training.

We do not have to mention the destruction of standard non-armored gloves here. We all know that when training with Feder, for example, you will not wear Swordsman leather gloves, but rather choose something more resistant. Heavy Lobster gloves will work best for the most intense workouts, and we have several types of them in our offer.

  • basic Lobsters
  • Red Lobster 800N
  • Black Lobster with a separate index finger
  • and the new, tweaked Lobster Full Thumb

So why should you choose this type of gloves?
Mainly due to their originality and a wide range of amenities that have been introduced to this project over the years. And yes, the idea for these extremely mobile and very resistant gloves was born years ago in our workshop. Now thousands of people train with them, and their lobster look is recognizable in every HEMA environment around the world. Aren’t you sure if you can trust us? Trust your HEMAist friends and club mates. Lobster gloves are made just for you.


Palm girth (A) Wrist to end of middle finger (B Wrist to end of thumb (E6)
XS ~22cm ~18cm ~13cm
S ~23cm ~19cm ~14cm
M/L ~24cm ~20cm ~15cm
XL ~26cm ~21cm ~16cm