Heavy gloves Black Lobster Limited Level 2

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Heavy gloves Black Lobster Limited Level 2 are designed to protect hands which are exposed to injuries during HEMA training.

These HEMA gloves combine “Red Lobster” features with a new solution – separated index finger. It provides a better grip and more freedom of movement.

Our sword fighting gloves are made of 800N puncture resistance fabric which is placed on:
– the backs of the hands
– the cuffs

Aside from the mentioned index finger and new color of the cuffs (black instead of red), “Black” HEMA gloves have similar features to the “Red” model:

  • All fingers are covered, including thumbs
  • New shape of a thumb – sides and front have better protection, lowering the risk of injury
  • Outer sides of hand and fingers are protected with overlapping polypropylene plastic covers
  • Cuffs are narrower, lighter and more elastic
  • Cuffs have drawstrings, easing the process of fitting them on
  • Adjustable wrist straps with buckles

These sword fighting gloves can be used by beginners as well as advanced users, regardless of their gender. If you want to increase the level of protection on your hands, “Red Lobsters” are made for you!

Before you place an order, please refer to sizes below:

Measurement: M/L
Palm girth (A) ~24cm
Wrist to end of middle finger (B) ~20cm
Wrist to end of thumb (C) ~15cm


Additional informations

Why is it worth choosing SPES gloves?

  • separated index finger, covered on all sides
  • new, built up shape of the thumb
  • back of hands and cuffs of these HEMA gloves have 800N puncture resistance certificate
  • cuffs have 3 polypropylene covers with a ribbing and a leather strap
  • inside is made of perforated synthetic leather, ensuring a proper air circulation and more secure grip
  • dedicated to any type of arm, both heavy and light
  • designed for both beginners and advanced users during training and HEMA tournaments – a unique design

NOTE – this model of gloves for HEMA is limited and available in one size: M/L only.

WEIGHT: 1157 g

As the index is here the weakest point, use these gloves wisely!